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NOVATE attaches great importance to its research and development center, which leads it to develop digital, innovative, ready-to-use and easy-to-use solutions. These standard solutions.

Novate Business

This software has been specifically designed to help companies improve their performance Its functional coverage extends to all types of different areas Completely customizable and modular, so each module can handle a function

its features:

    • Customer relationship management
    • Sales management
    • Warehouse management
    • Financial compatibility
    • Procurement management
    • Project management
    • Manufacturing management
    • Point of sale (pos)

Novate Live une plateform de commmunication interactive ,intelligente et connectée Elle permet via une interface en ligne la création,la diffusion et la gestion des contenus multimedias et interactifs à distance et en temps réel sur un réseau de support d'affichage numérique placés dans des lieux géographiquement distincts.Vous pourrez donc impacter votre audience en communiquant avec elle de manière dynamique et interactive tout en ayant

TechCare - Health facility management

TechCare is an application that automates almost all the management functions of a health establishment (clinic, hospitals, health center, biological analysis center, and medical imaging, etc.). It provides concise solutions to real concerns.

    • Real-time control of the structure's activities
    • Management of patient medical records
    • Management of monthly insurance invoices
    • Pharmacy stock management
    • Cash management
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